15 Christmas Decoration Ideas

Christmas At Home: 15 Christmas Home Decoration Ideas

Don’t you think we need more than Christmas trees, wreaths and garlands to get into the Christmas spirit (or show off on Instagram)? If so, there are many ways to spruce up your home this holiday season in a creative but cosy way. From planter to different Christmas-themed signs, these decoration ideas are exceptional for displaying indoors or outdoors. Here are the 15 Christmas decoration ideas we have compiled for you.

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1. Christmas Countdown Sign 

You’ll never forget how long you have until the day finally arrives! This way, you will always remember the Christmas you look forward to. Showcasing a countdown with a marquee sign or a metal sign with a chalkboard would be a unique decor to remind you of the Christmas spirit.


2. Planter as a Stand

A Traditional Christmas tree skirt is okay. But compared to a vintage planter or fishbowl it’s ordinary. Plus: Heightening the tree gives you more room for Santa’s surprises!

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3. North Pole Directional Sign

Want to feel like you’re genuinely living in a winter wonderland? Then it’s a perfect fit for Christmas! Whether you use it inside your home or in the yard, you can be sure that it will create a visual feast.

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4. Rustic Barnwood Sign

Wood is generally associated with warmth, cosiness, and versatility thanks to its beautiful, unique texture for each piece. Such a rustic barn wood sign will give your home an authentic, rustic look that will bring Christmas character, too.

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5. Reindeer Parking Sign

Of course, Santa won’t come all the way by foot. When he comes, he is not going to let the reindeers into the house! So, this idea isn’t just for aesthetics – reindeers need a parking lot.

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6. Garland Over the Windows

Have a large window? So why not trim it with some Christmas garland? The view will add a festive touch and further frame the views to the outdoors. Look at that!

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7. Mini Wreaths

Deck out your kitchen with these mini wreaths. This simple but playful touch will really make a difference.

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8. Holiday Mugs on Display

Have you collected holiday mugs? If you haven’t already, start now and display them during the holiday season. Lovely, isn’t it?

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9. Candle Lights

It’s an old-fashioned charm, but still effective, isn’t it? How about a corner for candles that make you feel like you’re truly at home, a warmer home? For a cosier home, a candle corner that calms you is not a bad idea.

Here’s another idea you should consider—but remember instead of using real candles, use artificial candlelight. Unless you want to spend your Christmas with the fire department.

10. Move Planters Indoors

If you have a winter garden (jealous!) let them stay where they are. But if you don’t have it, move the planters to the living room. In any case, stuff your flower buckets with fresh pine, draw on a festive message, and light it all up with twinkly lights!

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11. Book Christmas Tree

Christmas should reflect your soul, right? Maybe you are a bookworm? So, pile up your books and string some lights on them. You will also create a fun and eccentric impression in your home.

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12. Origami Ornaments

Why not consider making an origami star or more fancy origami ornaments? You can also recycle objects and transform them into stunning Christmas tree decorations. Besides, it is a fun way to spend the activity time with your kids.

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13. Stockings

You don’t have a fireplace on which to hang your lovely stockings and hanging them on a tree seems too ordinary… Needless to say: It doesn’t really matter for Santa where the stockings are, as he has an uncanny ability to find them anyway!

However, we think stockings hanging on tree branches look lovely and festive. A bit of greenery, stockings and branches adds a rustic design to your house.

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14. Lanterns -The More the Merrier

Cover the front door with tonnes of lanterns, then fill them with candles. Is there anything that can describe the warm atmosphere of your home better than candles on your doorstep?

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15.  Make a Snowman

We’re not kidding! Is there a more stylish and chicer decor than a snowman? It’s fun to make and a great way to welcome your guests. Of course, we can’t guarantee that it will stay until the end of Christmas!




If your house is too small for all these, how about expanding it a little and bringing the outside in? Look at our winter garden solutions!


Merry Christmas everyone!

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