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Sitting under an open sky

Glass Roofs

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Expand your living space with a Sunparadise conservatory; an elegant extension that will lend that special touch to your home. Enjoy rooms that are flooded with natural daylight and also protect against rain, wind and cold. Our system’s flexibility enables bespoke solutions – adapted to your personal requirements.

Maximum comfort and easy handling

Bifold Doors


Our folding walls meet the highest demands of modern design without compromising on energy performance.  Every installation is custom-arranged and the door panels move silently on lower guided rollers. With a turn of the hand, you can take indoor life outdoors – or indeed, the other way around. 

Open access to the outdoor

Sliding Doors

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Sliding walls allow you to erase the boundaries between the interior and exterior. They transform rooms into spacious living spaces and offer an open view to the outside world through their expansive glazing and discrete profiles. The sliding doors can be pushed open quietly and easily to the side with a few simple steps. It’s an intelligent system that saves space while also opening up indoor spaces to the outdoors. 

Breathe life into any room

Windows & Doors


Our systems increase sound insulation as well as security, for example, against intrusion or break-ins. Varied sizes with different opening options can be planned according to your needs. As with our door systems, you also benefit from unique thermal insulation thanks to innovative technology resulting in a reduction of energy costs.

Passive sunshine; enjoy the warmth!

Glazing Systems

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Fully glazed systems protect you from wind, rain, dirt, and noise and create a comfortable living space from early spring to late autumn. The panels are movable and can be stacked in a parking area so the whole space is open.

Quality lies in the finer details.

Glass Balcony


Our balcony systems meet the highest demands on modern design and add value to any development. Our range includes our energy-efficient balcony enclosures to stylish glazed balustrades and railings. With multiple options in design for both the glazing and the balustrade sections, our balconies are a stunning addition to any building and improve the lifestyle of residents who, particularly in areas of high population, can enjoy their own individual piece of the outdoor experience.

Horizontal sliding sunshade panel

Shading Systems


The ShadingPanel 17 sliding panels move effortlessly to any desired position. These sliding panels adjust in the blink of an eye with the movement of the sunshine.

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