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From contemporary to traditional these stylish balconies, whilst easy and economical to fit, meet all the requirements of today's balcony railings. You can design your own balcony from a vast range of materials, handrails, and finishes or you can select from our standard range of balconies.

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The system is developed for an international market and meets all rules and safety requirements. The various basic models are prefabricated for quick and easy installation on site.

Style; This design is reminiscent of traditional steel railings with all the benefits of aluminium. Rectangular, square or curved options.

Scene; The glazing or alternate material is secured between the posts. The profile design ensures the material is clamped into position. This design benefit is slender sight lines and no additional fixings.

Sky; The panels are held in position by stylish fixings to the posts. Enhanced corner fixings are available. Decorative fixings to the base support.

Case; Framed glazed or composite panels can be installed in front or behind the balustrade. Excellent choice for privacy criteria.

Canal; Framed panels have no vertical profiles, providing a more uninterrupted view. Panels can be fitted internally or externally to the posts.

Connect; The glazing is the dominant feature in this design; a real focus of the balustrade. Unframed, stylish fixings secure it in place.

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Accredited certificates prove the quality and expertise behind the systems and services by Sunparadise.
• Quality management in accordance with ISO 9001
• In-house production control in accordance with DIN EN 1090
• Environmental management in accordance with ISO 14001

• Certified sound insulation and wind resistance categories
• Burglar resistance in line with RC3
• CE label in line with E.U. requirements

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The Winrail system offers stylish and versatile balcony railings that can be customized to suit various design preferences.

It provides options for contemporary or traditional styles, allowing you to design your own balcony using a wide range of materials, handrails, and finishes.

Alternatively, you can choose from their standard range of balconies.

The system is designed to meet international market standards and safety requirements.

It offers various basic models that are prefabricated for easy and quick installation on-site.

The system provides options for rectangular, square, or curved designs, reminiscent of traditional steel railings but with the benefits of aluminum.

Different models within the system, such as Scene, Sky, Case, Canal, and Connect, offer unique features and visual aesthetics.

Yes, in the Winrail system, the glazing or alternate material is secured between the posts, ensuring a tight and secure fit.

The profile design of the system clamps the material into position, resulting in slender sight lines and no additional fixings.

Yes, the Winrail system allows for the installation of framed glazed or composite panels.

These panels can be positioned either in front or behind the balustrade, offering flexibility and an excellent choice for privacy requirements.

Yes, the Winrail system is suitable for both internal and external installations.

Depending on the specific design and application, panels can be fitted internally or externally to the posts.

Yes, the Canal model within the Winrail system provides framed panels without vertical profiles, allowing for a more uninterrupted view from the balcony.

In the Connect model, the glazing itself is the dominant feature of the balustrade design.

Unframed panels with stylish fixings secure the glazing in place, creating a focal point for the balcony railing.