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Why You Need a Garden Conservatory?

Having a thermal insulated winter garden, sun garden or conservatory in your garden brings many advantages from enjoying the natural daylight and fresh air to having a secure and private haven.

A glazed winter garden or summer garden extension designed with Sunparadise glass roofs, sliding glass roofs and walls add extra space and elegance to your home. It provides a delightful conservatory where you can stay connected with nature and enjoy both summer and winter.

Additionally, a Sunparadise garden enclosure lightens the adjoining rooms and functions as a buffer zone between the outside and inside of your home. These features together increase the comfort and cosiness of your living area.


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Testing & Documentation

Windoor attaches great importance to the verification of the quality and operation of our products. All systems have been tested in accordance with international standards at recognised testing facilities.

Low level infill panel
The system meets the  requirements of EN 12600, which relates to safety of glass covering with regard to falling hazards.

Folding glass section
The system has been tested through more than 10,000 opening/closing cycles. The system is also load tested up to an additional 80 kg.:

Imposed load
A range of tests have been  carried out on the system, simulating wind loads up to 3000 pa.

Sound reduction
The system has been soundtested. 6 mm unframed sliding glass provides a reduction of approximately 17 db.
Mounting of vertical sealing strips on sliding glass sections can increase the reduction further.

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A glass aluminum roof can provide protection from the elements while still allowing natural light to shine through. It can also increase the overall energy efficiency of your garden area.

There are various types of glass aluminum roofs available, including thermally insulated glass roofs, glazing systems, and conservatories.

Yes, glass aluminum roofs are designed to be weather-resistant and provide protection from adverse weather conditions.

Sliding doors can provide a seamless transition from your indoor living space to your garden area. They also help to increase energy efficiency and provide added security.

Bifold doors are a type of door that can be folded back to create a wide opening. They are a great option for garden areas as they provide an unobstructed view and allow for maximum natural light to enter the space.

Bifold doors can provide a more seamless transition from indoor to outdoor living spaces, and they allow for maximum natural light to enter the garden area.

Yes, glass aluminum roofs and bifold doors can be customized to fit the specific needs and aesthetic of your garden area.

Regular cleaning and inspection are recommended to keep glass aluminum roofs and bifold doors in good condition.

Yes, glass aluminum roofs and bifold doors can help to increase energy efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and reduce carbon footprint.

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