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Sometimes we need suitable protection from too much sun. That is why the Shading Systems is the ideal solution. It combines perfectly all-glass sliding wall.
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Open up new perspectives in every direction.

Sliding walls allow you to erase the boundaries between the interior and exterior. They transform rooms into spacious living spaces and offer an open view to the outside world through their expansive glazing and discrete profiles. The sliding doors can be pushed open quietly and easily to the side with a few simple steps. It’s an intelligent system that saves space while also opening up indoor spaces to the outdoors. 

Shading Systems

Horizontal sliding sunshade panel


The ShadingPanel 17 sliding panels move effortlessly to any desired position. These sliding panels adjust in the blink of an eye with the movement of the sunshine.

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What are Shading Systems?


Shading systems are vital components of modern-day architecture, providing optimal lighting and temperature control in indoor spaces. These systems control sunlight to make a space comfortable and save energy.

Shading solutions can consist of a range of materials and designs, including roller shades, vertical blinds, and sliding panels. You can power these systems by hand or operate them manually. You can also adjust them to control the amount of sunlight entering a room.

They can change to match the look of a building, which makes them important in modern architecture. External shading improves indoor comfort, and functionality, and saves energy and money.


About Commercial and Residential Window Shading Systems


Window shading systems are an essential addition to any commercial or residential space. They help to enhance comfort by controlling the amount of sunlight that enters the indoor environment.

By regulating the amount of sunlight that enters a room, these systems help to manage the indoor temperature, ensuring that it remains at a comfortable level. Additionally, they protect against excessive sun exposure, which can be harmful to both individuals and furniture. With window shading systems, you can enjoy a well-lit and comfortable indoor environment all year round.


Sunparadise: Glass Systems Protecting Against the Sun


Sunparadise provides the SP17 shading solution, which consists of a sunshade panel that slides horizontally.

This allows for effortless adjustment to achieve the desired level of sun protection. The system can be seamlessly integrated with sliding walls, maximizing usable space and ensuring easy operation.
For more information and a detailed insight into Sunparadise’s shading systems, visit Sunparadise Shading Systems.


Sunparadise shading systems provide suitable protection from excessive sun exposure.

These systems offer an ideal solution to combine with all-glass sliding walls, allowing you to control sunlight and maintain a comfortable indoor environment.

The SP17 system consists of sliding panels that effortlessly move to any desired position.

These sliding panels can be adjusted with ease according to the movement of the sunshine.

Shading systems complement sliding walls by providing additional sun protection and control.

They allow you to create shaded areas as needed, maintaining a comfortable and well-lit living space.

Yes, the ShadingPanel 17 sliding panels can be effortlessly moved to any desired position.

The system allows for quick and easy adjustment, providing flexibility in managing sunlight and shading.

The ShadingPanel 17 system is designed to be a space-saving solution.

It integrates seamlessly with sliding walls, allowing you to maximize the usable space while enjoying open access to the outdoors.

Yes, Sunparadise offers customizable shading systems to meet your specific needs and preferences.

You can discuss your requirements with our sales expert and tailor the shading system accordingly.

For more detailed information about the features, specifications, and design options of Sunparadise shading systems, we recommend contacting our sales expert.

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