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Open up new perspectives in every direction.

Our folding walls meet the highest demands of modern design without compromising energy performance.  Every installation is custom-arranged and the door panels move silently on lower guided rollers. With a turn of the hand, you can take indoor life outdoors – or indeed, the other way around. 

Bifold Doors

Insulated folding door system


With the first rays of sun, our folding walls spark your desire to enjoy warmth, light, and freedom. Evenly folded to the side, the slim aluminum system offers a generous opening to your terrace, balcony or garden.

Highly thermal insulated folding door


The complete system, based on a slender thermally broken aluminium frame with a foam filled core, captivating with its high-quality finish and guarantees stability and longevity.

Non-insulated folding door system


The folding wall can be operated inwards or outwards, to the right or left, and from the centre. The primary unit can be designed as a door and equipped with a profile cylinder and a handle for opening from the inside or the outside. Configurations can include turning, bottom-hung or tilt-and-turn windows, as well as inclined glazing; any option is possible. All versions have the same construction depth and thus can be connected aligned.

Thermally insulated folding door system


All types of glazing in an elegant system. Folding walls, windows and doors are available in bespoke sizes.

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What are Bifold Doors?


Bifold doors are a perfect blend of modern architectural design and functional elegance. Their smooth design and user-friendliness make them recognized, bringing a modern flair to any area.

Sunparadise’s bifold doors are both stylish and durable, providing long-lasting energy efficiency. Being able to fold in both directions allows for a smooth transition between indoor and outdoor living areas. This creates new views in all directions.

Bifold doors are popular with homeowners because they have a sleek design and many benefits. One of the key advantages is their ability to maximize space. Bifold doors fold away, saving space and creating a smooth connection between rooms or indoor/outdoor areas.


What are the Bifold Door Types?


Sunparadise offers a tailored range of bi-fold doors to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

With our bespoke solutions, you can choose a bifold door that perfectly fits your design aspirations and functional requirements.


Most Commonly Used Bifold Door Types


• THERMOFOLD 86: Our THERMOFOLD 86 is a folding door system that provides warmth, light, and freedom. With its insulated design, it’s perfect for those who want to enjoy the outdoors. This slim aluminum door system can be folded to the side, giving you a spacious opening to your terrace, balcony, or garden.
• SUPERTHERM 80: Upgrade your home with the SUPERTHERM 80. It’s a durable and stable system with a stylish finish. Made from a thin but strong aluminum frame and insulated with foam, it will last for a long time. Upgrade your home with the SUPERTHERM 80 and enjoy the perfect blend of style and functionality.
• FIESTA 42: It is a folding door system that is not insulated, but offers great flexibility in terms of operation. It can be operated inwards or outwards, to the right or left, and from the center. The first panel of the system can also function as a door with handles on both sides, making it useful for various setups.
• THERMO 60: Thermally insulated folding door system. You can use this product for different types of glazing and customize it for folding walls, windows, and doors. It is perfect for those who seek a combination of style and functionality.

At Sunparadise, we carefully create our products to go beyond what our clients expect. Our bifold door installations show our dedication to quality, innovation, and making sure our customers are happy.


Sunparadise balcony systems meet high demands in modern design and add value to any development.

The range includes energy-efficient balcony enclosures, stylish glazed balustrades, and railings.

There are multiple design options available for both the glazing and the balustrade sections, allowing for customization.

The WD 800 system is designed for glazing in existing balconies, regardless of whether the balcony is set into the building or mounted externally on the facade.

It provides a solution for enhancing the aesthetics and functionality of balconies.

The WD 100 system is a functional and elegant balcony system suitable for new builds, extensions, infill projects, or refurbishments.

It can be used even if a previous balcony did not exist, making it versatile for various projects.

The WinRail system offers stylish balcony railings that can be customized to meet contemporary or traditional design preferences.

It is easy and economical to fit and meets the requirements of modern balcony railings.

You have the option to design your own balcony using a wide range of materials, handrails, and finishes, or choose from the standard range.

Sunparadise balcony systems provide residents, especially in densely populated areas, with their own individual piece of the outdoor experience.

The balconies are a stunning addition to any building, offering the opportunity to enjoy outdoor spaces and improve the overall quality of life.

Yes, all elements of the Sunparadise balcony systems are custom-made.

Sunparadise works alongside architects or designers to ensure that the design and functionality requirements of individual projects are met.

For more detailed information about the features, specifications, and design options of Sunparadise balcony systems, we recommend contacting our sales expert.

You can initiate a conversation with our sales expert through our website to discuss your specific requirements and receive personalized assistance.