Thermally insulated glass roof system


A flexible glass roof that reflects the impressive and diverse design of conservatory architecture.

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As individual as you are

The elegant, timeless design of the HAWAII 80 glazed roof system that comes in various configurations making it possible to implement both demanding designs as well as energy-efficient solutions.

With the HAWAII 80 insulated glass system’s thermal break, foam-filled core, and use of dual colours for a distinctive look both inside and outside, your conservatory dreams will become a reality. The possibilities for a winter garden range from minimal insulation for a transitional space from the outside to the inside, all the way to a fully insulated model for a heated living space.


Glass Thickness

―Glazed insulated glass and panels from 28 mm thickness
―Security is provided by the application of tempered exterior and laminated glass inside
―More comfort with Solar Low-E and reflective lenses
―Shading with the choice of inner or outer screen

Glazed Roof Styles

―Single pitch glass roof
―Double pitch gable roof
―Bespoke design to compliment building style

Complementary Features

―Lighting elements integrated into winter garden profiles
―Komet 55 ventilation glass
―Komet 55 ventilation roof lights
―Compatible with Sunparadise heat-insulated systems

Let your imagination guide you

Sunparadise HAWAII 80 provides an aesthetically pleasing glazed roof system solution for different pitches. Create a spacious environment for your winter garden complete with a range of ventilation solutions, including fly screens, that can discharge any unwanted heat gain created by the glazing. Invite nature inside by opening the glazed panels during fine weather.

Benefits Of Your HAWAII 80 Glass Roof


Individual combination options

Combine your HAWAII 80 with tried-and-tested products, such as reliable folding or sliding glass walls, integrated LED lighting and other practical options.

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Energy efficiency

A glass roof winter garden reduces energy consumption and adds value to both your home and the environment.

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365 days outdoors

A conservatory with Sunparadise HAWAII 80 can be used all year round, no matter the weather.

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Cosy feeling

Natural daylight brings a cosiness to your all-glass living space.

Add Value


The best-in-class glazed roof design increases the value of your home.

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Long lifespan

Make a future-proof investment with high-quality, long lifespan materials.

Discover Excellence in the Details


Wall Connection

― Two-piece wall connection profile allows realisation of all 6 standard roof types
― Roof pitches from 5° to 45° possible
― Optional cable duct available for routing the LED cables and integration of the control device for the illumination
• Additional LEDs can be integrated in the cable duct



― Three types of rafters are available with internal statics, depending on the statics specifications:
• Plane rafter 101, 143, 188
• Edge rafter 101
• Hip or valley rafter 101
― Roof glazing up to 62 mm can be used (stepped glazing only), clamping strips facilitate installation
― All rafters optionally available with steel insert, can also be installed in the case of high surface loads as well as large roof depths
― Fast assembly thanks to special rafter joints (only one connecting screw from the rafter to the eaves or wall carrier)
― Thermally insulated screw connection of clamping strip and rafter

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Eaves Carrier

― The carriers are available in two designs, depending on the static requirements:
• Eaves carrier 102
• Eaves carrier 175
― Steel inserts in the front support are no longer required thanks to the specially developed joint to the post. The stability required in line with DIN 18008 is guaranteed, even without glazing.
― The rocker profile allows roof pitches from 5° to 45°.
― The eaves carriers are available with a matching panel in the desired design (round or square).


Individual Design Variants

― The conservatory can be constructed in two design variants:
• Modern & angular
• Classical & round
― Panel 170 on the eaves carrier and the drainage cover are adapted to the desired design.
― The optional panel 276 (can only be combined with eaves carrier 175) is ideally suited for integrating vertical shading.
― The side covers of the gutter are flush and individually adapted to the roof pitch.


Post Types and Downpipes

― Five post types are available:
• Corner post 124/124
• Middle post 70/124
• Middle post 80/80 protruding
• Middle post 80/80 recessed
• Post adjustable by 90° to 180°
― Both downpipe variants are available and can be applied with corner posts and middle post 70/124:
• Standard:
Ø50 mm plastic pipe with drainage cover in the selected design, incl. 90° pipe bend
• Optional:
Ø70 mm aluminium pipe, visible and coated in system colour, incl. 100° pipe bend

Floor Connection With Basic Profile

― Easy and secure drainage of the entire conservatory structure is ensured by a basic profile incl. EPDM foil.
― Condensation in the roof is channelled to the basic profile and drained to the outside in a controlled manner via the foil.
― 90° corners as well as individual corner angles are prepared completely in the factory and must be connected on site with the supplied adhesive.


Element Combinations

― The conservatory system HAWAII 80 is designed for the Sunparadise systems:
• Direct glazing in the triangular skylight
• Supertherm 80 (windows, door, parallel tilt-slide door and folding wall)
• Thermoslide 80 (sliding door)
• Monoslide 80 (rolling wall)
― Element stops incl. interior glass strip are included in the standard design at no extra charge and do not require additional sealing or strips.


Cross Beams

― Three different designs are available:
• Cross beam 70
• Cross beam 135
• Cross beam 135 incl. panel 276 for shading
― Each cross beam can be fitted with a steel insert to meet statics requirements.



― Two different designs are available:
• Transom 42 (standard)
• Transom 109 (optional)
― Both variants are available with a clamped or bolted cover strip.


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Certified Quality

Accredited certificates prove the quality and expertise behind the systems and services by Sunparadise.
• Quality management in accordance with ISO 9001
• In-house production control in accordance with DIN EN 1090
• Environmental management in accordance with ISO 14001

• Certified sound insulation and wind resistance categories
• Burglar resistance in line with RC3
• CE label in line with E.U. requirements

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The Hawaii 80 is a thermally insulated glass roof system designed for conservatories.

It offers an elegant and timeless design with various configurations to meet demanding designs and energy-efficient solutions.

The Hawaii 80 system features a thermal break and a foam-filled core for optimal insulation.

It uses dual colors for a distinctive look both inside and outside.

The system offers options for different levels of insulation, from minimal insulation for transitional spaces to fully insulated models for heated living spaces.

The Hawaii 80 system accommodates glazed insulated glass and panels with a thickness starting from 28 mm.

Security is ensured through the application of tempered exterior glass and laminated glass on the inside.

Solar Low-E and reflective lenses enhance comfort, and shading options include inner or outer screens.

The Hawaii 80 system offers options for single pitch glass roofs and double pitch gable roofs.

It can also be designed in a bespoke manner to complement the style of the building.

Yes, the Hawaii 80 system allows for individual combination options with other products, such as folding or sliding glass walls and integrated LED lighting.

It is compatible with Sunparadise heat-insulated systems, providing flexibility and customization.

The Hawaii 80 glass roof system offers energy efficiency, reducing energy consumption and adding value to your home.

It allows for year-round use, providing a comfortable living space regardless of the weather.

The system brings natural daylight into your living space, creating a cozy atmosphere.

It adds value to your home with its best-in-class glazed roof design and high-quality materials.

The Hawaii 80 glass roof system is designed with high-quality and long-lasting materials, making it a future-proof investment.

It offers a long lifespan, ensuring durability and longevity.