Insulated corner turning, sliding door system with parking area


The MONOSLIDE 80 slide-and-stack door uniquely combines functionality with flexibility. Unlimited opening widths, even around curves and corners – on a single track mounted flush to the floor.

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Maximum comfort with versatile design options

The Sunparadise MONOSLIDE 80 sliding door has unique thermal insulation properties. Flush-fitting track profiles of your winter garden offer threshold-free usage, enabling complete accessibility for all.
By sliding thermally insulated glass doors on an eloxal track with high-quality rollers, you can stack your glass house’s glazing panels in a designated parking area, behind a wall, or inside a cupboard for a minimalist look; the choice is yours.
Discover Monoslide and the perfect connection it creates
between indoor and outdoor living.


Comfort and Diverse Configurations

The panels of the sunroom can be slide around corners at angles of up to 90° and then gathered and parked in a designated parking area. Rotary or tilting options can be installed in the sliding wall elements. Combinations can also include entrance doors.

Unique Thermal Insulation Properties

To enjoy the comfort of your sun conservatory living space, each panel is equipped with a sealing gasket. The locking system provides a complete seal by moving the gasket up and down when the panel is closed.

Turn Each Day into a Holiday

Sunparadise MONOSLIDE 80 combines functionality and flexibility in a unique way; its almost unlimited opening, even around corners on a single flush track creates optimum home comfort.

Create a Unique Corner Without Any Limits

Summer garden panels are moved along a flush-fitting, single track or directly from the corners independently. With this system, it is possible to achieve any corners between 90° and 270° in your glass house design.

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Benefits of Your MONOSLIDE 80

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Lightweight, yet sturdy and durable, thanks to high-quality materials.

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The winter garden allows you to use your outdoor area no matter the weather.

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Passive solar energy saves energy costs

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Frameless design enables unobstructed views outdoors.

Discover Excellence in the Details

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Adjustable wall profile

  • The adjustable wall profile is always located in the parking area at the active sash.
  • The profile will aIw3ys be on the opposite side for fixed models or variants that are guided behind the wall (pocket style).
  • Constructional tolerances +6 mm/-6 mm can be accepted
  • Simplest set-up with factory-integrated adjustment screws..
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Elegant base profile

The floor profile can be used indoors and outdoors, or
— The profile facilitates a smooth con Section to the
finished floor.
— The elega ut I ooh profile makes a threshold-free transition possible.

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Adjustable wall profile

— Every second sliding panel is equipped with a push rod, which can be locked into the top and the bottom.
— Each corner panel, in the case of guided corner solutions, is equipped accordingly.
The push rod serves as a position support for each
— Leak tightness from panel to panel is thereby guaranteed.

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Tribloc lock

— The active sash panel is equipped with a special
Tribloc lock.
This allows the active sash pa Tel to be operated as a
— The Tribloc lock closes by means of a 3-point locking mechanism: sideways, toward the top, and to the bottom.

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Adjustable ceiling profile

The two-piece ceiling profile is equipped with an
adjustment screw (A) and a locating screw (B).
— The adjustment screw allows the optimal adjustment of the clamping pressure on the extender seal.
— The selected setting is then secured with the locating screw.

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Rollers and slides

— Each panel is equipped with two rollers on ball-be-
— The rollers are extremely low-maintenance, thanks to a glass-fibre reinforced plastic coating.
Two glides, installed on the top, ensure a smooth guide
— The perfectly coordinated rollers and glides guarantee easy and smooth sliding and running performance.

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Special extender seal

— Each individual panel is equipped with a special seal.
— Clean sealing towards the top and the bottom.
Optimal thermal separation of the individual panels.

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Parking area

By default, the panels are stored parallel to the rail behind the hinged or fixed panel or stacked by the wall.
— A special mounting bracket for the upper guide rail is shipped with the factory supply.
— Our special design for restaurants or hotels, allows the parking area to be moved to any position in the room using a rail extension.


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Certified Quality

Accredited certificates prove the quality and expertise behind the systems and services by Sunparadise.
• Quality management in accordance with ISO 9001
• In-house production control in accordance with DIN EN 1090
• Environmental management in accordance with ISO 14001

• Certified sound insulation and wind resistance categories
• Burglar resistance in line with RC3
• CE label in line with E.U. requirements

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