Insulated folding door system


The FIESTA 42 folding wall system offers versatile opening options and can be used as a door or window. High-quality rollers ensure durability and comfort, and locking systems can be added for security.

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High quality adjustable rollers guarantee durability and comfort of folding doors.

Non-threshold (flush fitting track) feature of folding door panels provides a visual advantage and increase transit safety and accessibility.

Locking system for single and double panel doors can be ordered optionally with interior-exterior handle, three-point lock fitting and door closer.

Folding doors and door and window systems can be used side by side in various combinations.


Technical Details

Max 1000 mm

Max 2700 mm

Max. 80 kg.

4 mm – 27 mm

Single or double glazing between 4mm-26mm thickness can be used.

Panels can be opened inwards or outwards.

Can be folded to the left, to the right, in the middle, or both ways; stacking inside or outside.

Can be opened from the center to both sides.

Panel storage areas can be on both the left and the right by building the system movable to both sides.


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Certified Quality

Accredited certificates prove the quality and expertise behind the systems and services by Sunparadise.
• Quality management in accordance with ISO 9001
• In-house production control in accordance with DIN EN 1090
• Environmental management in accordance with ISO 14001

• Certified sound insulation and wind resistance categories
• Burglar resistance in line with RC3
• CE label in line with E.U. requirements

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The FIESTA 42 is an insulated folding door system that offers versatile opening options and can be used as a door or window.

It features high-quality adjustable rollers for durability and comfort.

The high-quality adjustable rollers ensure durability and smooth operation of the folding doors, enhancing the overall user experience.

The non-threshold feature means that the folding door panels are flush-fitting, providing a visual advantage and increasing safety and accessibility during transit.

Yes, a locking system can be added to the FIESTA 42 folding wall system.

Optional features include interior-exterior handles, three-point lock fittings, and door closers for enhanced security.

The FIESTA 42 folding door system can be used side by side with other door and window systems, allowing for various combinations to suit your specific needs.

The maximum panel width is 1000 mm.

The panel height is adjustable.

The panel weight and thickness can vary depending on the specific configuration.

Glass thickness can also be customized.

The FIESTA 42 folding wall system offers versatile opening options, allowing for flexible use as a door or window.

Its high-quality construction and adjustable features ensure durability, comfort, and security.