7 Ways to Bring Hygge to Home

7 Ways to Bring Hygge to Your Home

The word first derives from old Norwegian, where it meant well-being. However, the word appeared in Danish writings towards the end of the 18th century, and Danes have embraced not only the word but the lifestyle itself and accepted it as a cultural identity.

Although today it is perceived as a concept that only concerns fashion and home decor style, it actually represents much more than that.

In essence, hygge means creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people. Sitting in your winter garden amidst the warm glow of candlelight is hygge. Cosying up with a loved one for a movie – that’s hygge, too.

The Big Question: How to Pronounce It

Hygge is hard to explain and even harder to pronounce (pronounced “hoo-gah”). Yet even despite this difficulty, it is very easy to get inspired by it. We should all look for more cosiness and enjoyment in our lives and seek ways to turn our living space, our house, into a home where health and happiness can meet.

Let’s take a glance at some tips to hygge your home. Off we go!

How to Hygge Your Home

1. Bring the Outside In

Feeling closer to nature is a very important component of the hygge concept and lifestyle. The more natural elements you bring into your home, the lighter and brighter of a home you can create. Through the colder months, is there any better solution than a winter garden to make it happen? You will feel physically warm and able to embrace nature and the outside world.


2. Decorate with Candles

Light, but genuinely warm, and life-affirming light–not artificial ones– is also an important part of a hygge lifestyle.

When people think of hygge, the first thing that springs to mind is candles, and for good reason, as their glow creates an outstanding atmosphere.

There is nothing more seductive than a room lit by candlelight while sitting in your winter garden on a cold winter day, taking the weight off your head or while away with your loved ones.

220124073814 pinecones fake snow canddles

3. Outdoor Barbeque Area

We cannot emphasize the importance enough of being together with our friends and family for a hygge home and lifestyle. Likewise, discovering our hobbies! Your favorite hobby may be art-based, reading, or even grilling – whatever you enjoy will help raise your sense of wellbeing, so carve out the time in your week.

If you’re a BBQ lover, do not forget–no-fuss food is a perfect match for the hygge lifestyle and we all know that everything tastes better outdoors. Hang loose! They are your friends!

220124081631 bbq

You could take a delicious bowl of snacks to share out into the garden where everyone is warm.

Last but not least: don’t forget to recycle!

4. “Light, More Light!” Please!

These are the last words of Goethe: “Licht! Mehr Licht!” and there’s no wonder why. Just as the great German poet, the Danes are a people who know best how vital natural light is!


For this reason, one of the sine qua non of a hygge home is to take advantage of natural light as much as possible. This is also essential as a sustainable solution.

5. Take a Break from Tech

220124084921 istockphoto 1225046646This has nothing to do with being tech-skeptical. But we spend evenings half-watching TV and mindlessly doom-scrolling on our phones, so we forget simple pleasures of life and are sometimes too lazy to even go to bed.

Instead of this passive and technology-centered lifestyle, what about switching electronics off completely, simply choosing a great playlist and talking to family members or partners over a leisurely dinner, or taking a long walk? You can be sure that this will definitely increase feelings of well-being.

6. Display Your Books and Read Them!

220124085158 Feb12 Blog

Perhaps there are few things as calming and comforting as unwinding with the flow of a good book.

You don’t have to be a bookworm. Yet, displaying some of your favorite classics or that stack you’ve been meaning to get to not only adds a cosy element to your home, but will also inspire you to stay home and snuggle up with a good book.

Hygge is also about slowing down time and creating quality time. Discover new worlds or new knowledge in the midst of all this hustle and bustle from books.

7. Cosy Corner

It is impossible to create a hygge home without harmony, peace and cosiness together. Every hygge home requires a perfect place to curl up with cosy blankets and pillows and relax.

In fact, there’s even a Danish word to explain this perfect little spot: hyggekrog, or a cosy corner.

Let’s put it this way: it’s your safe space where you can be at peace, read a book, and have a cup of tea or hot cocoa

220124085855 Cosy orangery in winter

In order to create your own hyggekrog, start with your comfiest chair or a favorite corner of your sofa. Layer pillows and throws to make your nook the cosiest spot in your home, position it by a window or add a warm lamp for soft lighting, and add a side table for the perfect spot to put your favorite cup of tea.

Best of all… Let’s create this cosy corner in your winter garden!

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