Create Your Dream Winter Garden

10 Steps to Create a Stunning Winter Garden

Seeking simple and easy-to-make winter garden concepts, that will transform your space to be as stunning and picturesque as those you might encounter in a summer garden? You don’t need a landscape designer.

Don’t hesitate! No need to move heaven and earth, what you need is just the right elements that inspire you!

These helpful tips will provide you with the building blocks in making an astonishing winter garden. Don’t forget: all things great start with all things little.

Ready to ‘winterize’ your garden? Here are 10 winter garden tips!

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1. What about starting off with winter plants? 

Nothing makes your winter garden more authentic than a spectacular winter display. Plants with colourful stems and bark will brighten your garden and is a great choice for winter.

The colourful stems range from lilac to purple, and orange to red. These will help turn the dull winter days into brighter, hopeful days.

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2. Let’s carry on with evergreen shrubs 

Evergreen shrubs reflect the importance of foliage in the garden and their enduring beauty. Although the ephemeral charm and colour of flowers are quite astonishing, shrubs represent more chic and calm loveliness.

Ranging from rich emerald, gold, flame and scarlet, evergreens will bring life and more colour to dreary wintery landscapes.

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3. Warm Up with a Fire Pit 

If you are considering transforming your outdoor winter room rather than the garden itself, this is a perfect fit for you. Warm up next to a beautiful, cosy fire pit and maybe include a wine bar too. The perfect place to relax the time away amongst a stunning atmosphere.

Plus, a fire pit will really warm you up on those stone-cold winter nights.

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4. Midwinter Fire Shines Out 

The dogwood Cornus sanguinea, also known as ‘Midwinter Fire,’ has multicoloured stems that range in five bright colours from November to March.

In early March, just before their leaf buds burst, the dogwoods are pruned hard which encourage the production of fresh young stems every year.

This spectacular plant will look beautiful in your winter garden.
The contrast of the multicoloured stems against the grey wintery months is always such a pleasant sight.

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5. Grow Winter Garden Veg on Your Own! 

Just because the weather has got chilly doesn’t mean it’s the end of the harvesting season.

Growing your own fruits and vegetables is one of the most beneficial acts to do in terms of health, environment and the colour of your winter garden.

The delicious crops that flourish in the colder months will make your garden more vivid.

Plus, don’t forget to enrich your garden with organic matter.

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6. Build a Birdhouse or Owl Box 

Attracting local wildlife to your garden has many benefits, it can keep green spaces thriving and keep garden pests away. Build a birdhouse or an owl box, put out feeders with seed and suet for them and enjoy the wildlife within your winter garden! 

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7. Winter Candles at Their Best! 

There’s no need to mourn the end of the warmer weather. There is no better excuse to hunker down and shut out the rest of the world with a delectable, scented winter candle!

Two or three hours is sufficient for a scented candle to fill a room with a dreamy fragrance (after that, you’re just wasting it). Always trim the wick after each use and make sure it burns enough so that the top layer of wax has completely melted.

There is nothing more seductive than a room lit by candlelight. Sitting in your winter garden on a cold day, relaxing or leisurely spending time with your loved ones.

8. Fun with Ice, Glow with Ice 

Looking for an inexpensive, eye-catching and glittering solution for your winter garden? Then why not make some ice luminaries. A fun easy project and will add a little glow to the dull winter nights!

9. Decorate Your Winter Garden 

First things first, if you have raised beds, ornament them. Add wreaths, ornamental grasses, and new planters. This will help bring your winter garden to life on those cold winter days and dark winter nights.

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10. Pick the Perfect Garden Statues 

A garden statue or sculpture makes perfect focal points if you position it correctly.

The function of a good focal point is to create additional interest in certain parts of the garden.

When the plants are not flowering in the winter months, statues are great saviours.

Therefore, you can’t complete your outdoor oasis until you choose the perfect garden statues.



We hope that you enjoyed reading our list and that it has given you ideas. We would love to see pictures of your winter gardens after following our tips.

Enjoy your winter garden at its best when it is flooded with natural daylight and protected against rain, wind and cold. Our system’s flexibility enables bespoke solutions – adapted to your personal requirements. If you do not have a winter garden yet, let’s bring the outside in!

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