Non-insulated, cubic glass roof system


Glazing At Its Best

Our contemporary design, combining luxury and freedom with its uncluttered cubic lines, brings elegance to your glass house, summer garden or patio.

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As timeless as you are

Sunparadise CUBO flat-roof design impresses with its clean lines and timeless style.

Built freestanding or attached to your building, the sophisticated and premium sunroom design stands out with its solid handicrafted and superior elegance.
Sunparadise assures you that you will have a glass house, summer garden or patio brimming brightly with optimism and verve!

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CUBO offers comfort and security together!

Glass Thickness

  • Glazing thickness 8–31 mm (VSG-TVG recommendation)
  • Security provided by the application of tempered exterior and laminated glass inside
  • More comfort in the sunroom with Solar Low-e and reflective lenses
  • Shading with inner or outer curtain on request
CUBO adapts perfectly to any spatial conditions, with add-on or built-in options for different glass roof styles

Glass Roof Styles

  • Single pitch
  • Double pitch gable roof
  • Specially designed & tailored roof for the building
Cubo Quality

Complementary Features

  • Solid structure – also withstands high snow loads
  • Can be supplied with LED Lights in fitted in the rafter
  • Integration with Sunparadise systems
  • Broad range of colours for an individual touch

The Comfort of a Terrace Without Limits

Sunparadise CUBO can be custom built to your specifications just to turn your outdoor living space into a luxurious experience.

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As an addition to your building

The Benefits of Your Cubo Summer Garden

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Energy efficiency

A glass-enclosed sunroom helps to reduce energy consumption, which benefits both your home and the environment.

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Well-being and comfort

A much higher quality of living, thanks to a glass-enclosed, weather-protected glasshouse, which offers additional protection from traffic noise and pollution.

Add Value

Adds value

Investing in terrace glazing with attractive designs and high-quality materials increases the value of your home.

Discover Excellence in the Details

The CUBO saddle glass roof offers entirely different roof dimensions. The specially designed ridge connector preserves the flat sunroof appearance.

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Wall Connection

1 The wall connection is designed for the slight roof inclination of only 2°.
― Wall connection at the required connecting height, depending on the roof rafters
― Developed for very simple and fast installation
2 The cable duct below the wall connection allows for flush rafter ends. (Optional with rafter 95)

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Support Profile

1 ― One-piece support profile with integrated gutter
― All-over flat design, sophisticated look
― Circumferentially always 280 mm high

A 50 mm high add on profile is supplied with large roof depths of 4 to 5 m.

Modern Design

Carefully coordinated profile views and the statics integrated in the support profile give the CUBO its elegant look:
The design
The modern and angular design is implemented consistently. The entire terrace roof has a uniform, cubic look and shape.
Elegant flush appearance
All-round flush profiles and covers ensure a very sophisticated overall appearance.
Wide choice of colours
The CUBO is available in the Sunparadise TREND colours at no extra charge.

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― Four rafter sizes are available, depending on the roof size and the surface load:
• Rafter 95 (external statics)
• Rafter 130i, 165i and 205i (internal & external statics)
― The rafter required for the statics is selected during planning.
― All rafters are optionally available with a steel insert.
― The optional LED lighting is integrated in the internal hollow chamber of rafters 130i, 165i and 205i. A matching clip-on profile is used with rafter 95.
The external statics of rafter 95 create a delicate look.

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Special Joints

― Specially developed T-joint made of solid aluminium as ideal solution for support profile butts (roof widths >6700 mm)
― Can be realised with standard 170/90 post and/or the 90/90 corner post
― Gutter joint solution realised with punched seals and special bolting

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― The standard corner post 170/90 has two separate chambers.
― An end-to-end 80 x 80 x 6 mm steel post is located in the outer chamber.
― The Ø50 mm plastic pipe incl. supplied 90° elbow is located in the inner chamber.
― The downpipe remains accessible via the drainage cover. (Standard: cover to the outside / optional:
cover to the inside)

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Foot Brackets

― Four types of foot brackets are available, depending on the roof design and the static requirements:
• Standard: fixed foot bracket
• Height-adjustable foot bracket
• Specially developed rigid foot plate
• Prepared for sleeve foundation for free-standing roofs
― The selection of foot brackets available ex works takes the hard work out of planning and installation of the project.
The CUBO saddle roof
The CUBO saddle roof solution allows for very large roof dimensions while maintaining its cubic flat roof look. The exclusive application of rafter 165i preserves the roof shape. Specially designed ridge joints and T-joints allow roof depths of up to 6 m and roof widths of up to 12 m. Unique roof, unique application options The saddle roof is the ideal solution for very large roofs, such as: • Seating space, e.g. in multi-family homes • Carports • Outside seats in cafes or restaurants

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Professional Documents

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Certified Quality

Accredited certificates prove the quality and expertise behind the systems and services by Sunparadise.
• Quality management in accordance with ISO 9001
• In-house production control in accordance with DIN EN 1090
• Environmental management in accordance with ISO 14001

• Certified sound insulation and wind resistance categories
• Burglar resistance in line with RC3
• CE label in line with E.U. requirements

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The Cubo glass roof system is a contemporary, non-insulated cubic glass roof design.

It combines luxury and freedom with its clean lines and timeless style, bringing elegance to glass houses, summer gardens, or patios.

The Cubo glass roof system offers comfort, security, and energy efficiency.

It provides a glass-enclosed, weather-protected space that reduces energy consumption and adds value to your home.

The system also enhances well-being and comfort by providing additional protection from noise and pollution.

The Cubo glass roof system accommodates glazing thicknesses ranging from 8 to 31 mm, as recommended by VSG-TVG.

Security is ensured through the application of tempered exterior glass and laminated glass on the inside.

The Cubo glass roof system offers options for single pitch and double pitch gable roof styles.

It can also be specially designed and tailored to suit the specific requirements of the building.

Yes, the Cubo glass roof system can be custom built to your specifications.

It can be added as an extension to your building, used as a carport or eaves, or freestanding in your garden.

The system can also be built as a T-roof, and bespoke width and depth options are available.

The Cubo glass roof system features a solid structure capable of withstanding high snow loads.

LED lights can be integrated into the rafters, and it can be seamlessly integrated with other Sunparadise systems.

There is a broad range of colors available for customization to add an individual touch.

The Cubo glass roof system turns outdoor living spaces into luxurious experiences.

It provides a comfortable and well-protected environment while allowing ample natural light.

With its design and high-quality materials, the system adds value to your home and creates an excellent outdoor living space.