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Our balcony systems meet the highest demands on modern design and add value to any development variations.

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What are the reasons for choosing a balcony enclosure?

Deciding to have a balcony has many advantages; natural daylight, fresh air and more space. But to choose a balcony enclosure, often referred to as sunspace or wintergarden, gives you an added flexibility and a space that can be used all year round.

A Sunparadise balcony can still be opened up to enjoy all the benefits of a traditional balcony. You can still enjoy the summer sun, or balmy evenings, but you can also enjoy those days when its ‘a little cold’ to sit outside or maybe too windy, wet or too noisy, by simply closing the glass panels you can enjoy sitting in comfort and watching those elements from your protected private space instead. How else do people use this space?

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What rewards will my balcony enclosure give me?

Testing & Documentation

Windoor attaches great importance to the verification of the quality and operation of our products. All systems have been tested in accordance with international standards at recognised testing facilities.

Low level infill panel
The system meets the  requirements of EN 12600, which relates to safety of glass covering with regard to falling hazards.

Folding glass section
The system has been tested through more than 10,000 opening/closing cycles. The system is also load tested up to an additional 80 kg.:

Imposed load
A range of tests have been  carried out on the system, simulating wind loads up to 3000 pa.

Sound reduction
The system has been soundtested. 6 mm unframed sliding glass provides a reduction of approximately 17 db.
Mounting of vertical sealing strips on sliding glass sections can increase the reduction further.

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No, we do not recommend this as it is likely to cause problems with condensation when the glazing is closed. Ducting can be installed leading to the exterior of the balcony or an alternative site on the external wall should be used.

Because every project is unique it is difficult to give a definitive answer. However, what you should consider is the balcony enclosure protects the primary façade therefore reducing maintenance costs. The thermal efficiency it provides in relation to both private and public spaces cannot be underestimated and the improvement in lifestyle for residents has shown overall homes are better looked after as tenant turnover is lower along with associated costs.

Yes, a balcony enclosure is an unheated space that contributes towards outside amenity space.

It is not necessary to move out during balcony installation as the majority of the work is carried out externally. The only time access to the home is required is for 'finishing off' to ensure that the balcony installation is left secure, clean and tidy. This work is contained within the balcony space itself. However, depending upon the scale of overall renovation there will be some upheaval and compromise to lifestyle during this process. Whilst the majority of people do stay in their homes, this is at the clients discretion. Windoor would not make any specific recommendation.

Windoor's unique system allows the glazed panels to slide to the side and turn inwards. This gives safe access to both sides of the glass. The panels can be parked individually against the wall which negates the risk of collision during this process. Please also view our Maintenance and User Guide which you can order from or Contacts page or download directly from our General page.

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