Thermally insulated glass roof system
A flexible design that supports the impressive design diversity of the conservatory architecture; rich in variation.
HAWAII 80 represents an elegant, timeless design and comes in various configurations.

This makes it possible to implement both demanding designs as well as energy-efficient solutions. With its thermal break and foam-filled core, as well as the possibility of using dual colours for a distinctive look both inside and outside, your conservatory dreams will become reality. The possibilities range from minimal insulation for a transitional space from the outside to the inside, all the way through to a fully insulated model for a heated living space.

An aesthetically pleasing solution for roofs requiring different pitches. By integrating into your wintergarden a heat insulated Sunparadise system, you can enjoy the comfort of your home without being affected by ambient conditions. You can also invite nature inside by opening the panels during fine weather.  You will create a spacious environment, complete with a range of ventilation solutions, including fly screens, that can discharge any unwanted heat gain created by the glazing.


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Glazing Insulated glass and panels from 28 mm glass thickness available.

Security provided by the application of tempered exterior and laminated glass inside.

More comfort with Solar Low-e and reflective lenses.

Shading with choice of inner or outer screen.

Diverse designs are available in different sizes and variations.



Lighting elements integrated into winter garden profiles.

Komet 55 ventilation glass.

Compatible with Sunparadise heat-insulated systems.

Single pitch.

Double pitch gable roof.

Bespoke design to compliment building style.

Uf 1.8 W/m².K (Vertical elements)

Glass Insulation

Uf 1.8 W / m².K (Uw 0.8-1.4 values can be obtained with Solar Low-E glass)