Non-insulated folding door system
The folding wall can be operated inwards or outwards, to the right or left, and from the centre. The primary unit can be designed as a door and equipped with a profile cylinder and a handle for opening from the inside or the outside. Configurations can be with turning, bottom hung or tilt-and-turn windows, as well as inclined glazing; any option is possible. All versions have the same construction depth and thus can be connected aligned.
High quality adjustable rollers guarantee durability and comfort of folding doors.

Non-threshold (flush fitting track) feature of folding door panels provides a visual advantage and increase transit safety and accessibility.

Locking system for single and double panel doors can be ordered optionally with interior-exterior handle, three-point lock fitting and door closer.

Folding doors and door and window systems can be used side by side in various combinations.


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Max 1000 mm
Max 2700 mm
Max 60 kg
4 mm - 27 mm
Single or double glazing between 4mm-26mm thickness can be used.

Panels can be opened inwards or outwards.

Can be folded to the left, to the right, in the middle, or both ways; stacking inside or outside.

Can be opened from the center to both sides.

Panel storage areas can be on both the left and the right by building the system movable to both sides.